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The EO Mentorship Program enables members to build relationships with high-level leadership. Through the mentorship process, members will work toward specific goals with personal direction from a mentor within a structured time-frame.

EO mentorship relationships lasts for about 10-12 months during which the mentor and mentee meet periodically to discuss business strategies, set attainable target goals, measure progress and evolve the mentee’s company. EO helps facilitate the matching process to ensure you receive the best support, education and engagement for your business.

Become a Mentor

As a young entrepreneur, you may have felt at times that you lacked perspective or guidance on how to move your business forward. Now you have an opportunity to help a bright young leader deal with such issues right at the start. Your knowledge is indispensable for upcoming businesses. Become a Mentor and share your expertise with a Mentee to help them develop their strategies and evolve their business.

Become a Mentee

Sometimes it’s difficult to gain a sense of what your business looks like to the outside world. The mentorship program often provides young entrepreneurs with a fresh perspective toward their own vision. With some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs as a part of the EO mentorship program, you will have access to the kind of support you need to take your business to the next level.


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